Twenty-four new weather stations are being installed as the government works to re-establish a territory-wide hazard monitoring network.

The first stations already have been completed in Cappoons Bay and at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, where devices were donated by the Caribbean Institute for Hydrology and Meteorology, according to Government Information Services.

The Department of Disaster Management, which is leading the installation, is pleased with the support from CIHM and other partners from abroad, according to DDM Emergency Communications Manager
Jasen Penn.

“Through this initiative we have been able to gain support from CIMH in enhancing the local networks and we are now in discussions with them about securing training in instrumentation maintenance and calibration practices,” Mr. Penn said.

He added that the new devices will complement those that are operated by the BVI Airports Authority and will have the capability to transmit real-time data to a hub at the DDM’s office.

“The data collection systems and weather forecasting mechanisms that are being re- established form an important part of our hydro meteorological hazard monitoring networks,” he explained, adding, “We use the data to support more credible forecasting for the territory, guide the issuance of watches and warnings, support planning practices and improve climate resilient programmes and projects.”

Installation of two additional stations donated by the government of Italy through the CIMA Research Foundation also was scheduled to be completed earlier this month. This donation was part of an existing Memorandum of Understanding between CIMA and the DDM.

Additional stations also have been purchased and will be installed throughout the territory in the coming months with support from technicians from Campbell Scientific, an international company that supplies such devices.

Using such equipment, the DDM has been able to archive climate data back to the 1970s, according to government.