Police arrested and interviewed nine inmates in connection to the May 30 altercation that led to the fatal stabbing of Nickail Chambers at Her Majesty’s Prison, but they had not laid any charges as of June 16, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton announced that day. 

Prison Superintendent Verne Garde could not be reached for comment about the investigations, but Royston Percival, who was acting superintendent at the time of the stabbing, told the Beacon Friday that prison officials will not provide any information into ongoing investigations. 

Mr. Chambers was one of four inmates police say were wounded during the May 30 altercation, and one of three rushed to the Dr. Orlando Smith Hospital, Health and Social Development Minister Carvin Malone said in a statement that evening. 

On June 16, police stated that the other hospitalised inmates had been released from the hospital.

Conflicting information 

Mr. Malone and police initially provided conflicting information in the wake of the stabbing.

The minister claimed that one inmate had been charged, while Ms. Drayton stated in a press release the following day that two inmates had been arrested but no charges had been laid. 

In response to a query from the Beacon at the time, HSD Permanent Secretary Petrona Davies clarified on June 2 that the police’s statement was correct and that no charges had been laid. 

“We apologise for the error,” stated a message from Ms. Davies’ office. 

Nickail Chambers 

Mr. Chambers was charged with attempted murder in July 2017 and remanded to prison after prosecutors alleged that he shot at a longtime friend following a dispute at a basketball court. 

He was sentenced in July 2019 to more than ten years in prison. 

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the number of inmates hospitalised after the altercation.