No weapons were turned into the police as a result of the two-week weapon amnesty that ended Monday, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated on Tuesday.

“I will have to get back to you on any extensions,” Ms. Drayton added.

Conceived as an effort to take guns off the street in the wake of shootings that have rocked the Virgin Islands, government and police allowed residents to turn in illegal weapons without fear of prosecution for a two-week period beginning April 4, Ms. Drayton previously said.

During the amnesty, residents were allowed to turn in guns and other illegal weapons including daggers, flick knives, gravity knives and knuckle dusters, Ms. Drayton stated.

“This is a truce, a peace treaty of sorts,” Police Commissioner Mark Collins said.

A previous amnesty in 2012 and 2013 had better luck. Over the course of a month, police received a revolver, an automatic handgun, and ammunition.