Fifth formers gathered at the Eileene L. Parsons Auditorium Monday for the Right Start professional development programme, a two-day workshop for helping students make the transition to higher education or the working world. Photo: CHRYSTALL KANYUCK

The entire graduating class of Virgin Islands high school seniors — a little more than 200 students — was invited to this year’s Right Start, a two-day workshop geared at preparing them to continue on to college or the workforce.

The organisers hope to teach life skills that are “highly relevant,” said Dr. Bryan Penn, vice president of H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, during welcome remarks Monday morning at the Eileene L. Parsons Auditorium.

“You will ultimately find that the lessons learned will help to prepare you for success,” Dr. Penn told the students.

Students were split into five groups to learn about how to prepare for a job interview, how to write a resume, professional etiquette, expectations at the college level and leadership.

All told, 191 students registered for the programme Monday morning and paid a fee of $20 to attend.


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