One police officer and two prison officers were arrested on Sept. 29 and charged with breach of trust in connection with the murder of inmate Nickail Chambers, who succumbed to injuries sustained during a May 30 altercation at Her Majesty’s Prison, according to Police Information Officer Diane Drayton.

Prison officers Mark Kendall and Sharlene Maduro and formerly interdicted police officer Karina Brea were charged in relation to the incident, Ms. Drayton announced on Sept. 29.

She added that all three officers will “appear in court at a later date” but did not specify when. On Sept. 16, police charged five inmates — Andraes Norford, Essadro Jefferson, Rean-J Christopher, Dee Dijon Hodge, and Kareem Durant — with murder in relation to Mr. Chambers’ death.

Mr. Chambers, 29, was among four inmates injured during the May 30 altercation and subsequently treated at Dr. Orlando Smith Hospital, though he was the only one who died, Ms. Drayton has said.

The police force “continues to bring all those involved in serious crime to justice in order to protect the people, places and communities of the Virgin Islands,” she added.

Anyone with information in any ongoing case is asked to contact the Intelligence Unit at 368-9339, Ms. Drayton said, adding that all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated when the altercation occurred. It was on May 30, not Sept. 29.