A month after they were last seen, Keevin Walker and Cleo foster Williams Jr. are still missing, and Police Information Officer Diane Drayton told the Beacon on Tuesday that police had no updates to share.
The men were reported missing by their families on July 19 two days after they reportedly were last seen boarding a boat at Hodges Creek, the Po lice Information Office stated at the time.
However, the PIO issued another press release on July 27 stating that detectives had found no evidence of a missing boat and had not been able to confirm that the two left the territory.

Neither Mr. Walker nor Mr. Williams is said to have owned a boat, the release added.
Nevertheless, the police Intelligence Unit informed law enforcers in St. Maarten and other Caribbean territories of the missing men.

“General searches were carried out by the Marine Branch as well as the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue and are still ongoing within the territory’s waters for any evidence that could help with the investigations,” the release stated.

‘We need witnesses’

Criminal Investigations Unit Head Gilbert Charles noted that the public’s cooperation is essential in advancing in queries.
“In order to move forward with our investigations, we need witnesses to the men’s movements prior to Sunday ( July 17) and on the day they were last seen,” Mr. Charles said. “We need to know whether either or both were seen in the company of another person. Very little in formation is forthcoming and without that information, we have no way of narrowing a search area.”

According to the police, Mr. Walker, of Parham Town, was last seen wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a white or grey t-shirt, according to police. He is dark in complexion with braided hair and a tattoo on his forearm and frequents the Moose Bar and the Sound Road Alley.
Mr. Williams, of Johnson Ghut, is dark in complexion with dreadlocks in his hair, police said. No description of the clothing he was wearing was provided.
Captains and boaters are asked to continue to be on the lookout for the men while travelling through the territory’s waters, police said.