The fledgling People’s Empowerment Party held its first public campaign event on Saturday with the launch of Ninth District candidate Faye Reese-Charles.


About 25 supporters gathered around 7:30 p.m. at The Market in The Valley, Virgin Gorda, to hear Ms. Reese-Charles present a 22-point plan for improving VG and Anegada. Several dozen more onlookers stopped by the event as the night went on.

Also speaking at the event was PEP chairman and at-large candidate Alvin Christopher, who said that his party will announce its other three at-large candidates sometime this week.

Though Mr. Christopher had said less than three weeks ago that he planned on having a full slate of candidates to run alongside him, PEP President Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley told the Beacon that he doesn’t expect the party to run any more district candidates.

Most of the items on Ms. Reese-Charles’ 22-point list involve public infrastructure projects on VG or Anegada.

Public projects in her “sub-manifesto” include renovations to the market where she spoke on Saturday; the establishment of a marina at Gun Creek “where the locals will be able to properly dock their boats;” renovations to the VG ferry dock; installation of streetlights from Handsome Bay to The Bond in North Sound; and the construction of waste incinerators on VG and Anegada.

Ms. Reese-Charles also called for the establishment of better banking facilities on Anegada, as well as the distribution of land titles for Anegadians.

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