The Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park is implementing new security measures recommended as part of a security audit carried out after an armed robbery of the House of Luxury jewellery store on July 1, Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer announced Sunday.

During a July 12 meeting, Mr. Rymer and other stakeholders discussed 22 recommendations that came from the audit, and they worked together to plan security enhancements, according to Government Information Services.

At the meeting, Mr. Rymer said ongoing measures include a new electronic gating system being installed to enable the park to be adequately secured during closure periods.

Additionally, he said, upgrades will be made to the park’s existing CCTV system to boost surveillance capabilities, and in creased security personnel will be posted in the premises to deter criminal activities.

“We appreciate the continued support and understanding of the community as we work together to enhance security at the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park,” Mr. Rymer said.

Meeting attendees included representatives from the BVI Ports Authority, Tortola Pier Park Ltd, and the Ministry of Communication and Works.

Those agencies are working with the police and the BVITB to ensure the park’s safety, according to government.

The robbery

During the July 1 robbery, shots were fired but no injuries were reported, and two men were later arrested and charged.

Prosecutors say that more than $300,000 worth of stolen jewellery has not been recovered.

Videos circulating on social media within minutes of the incident showed two people dressed in white coveralls running out of the jewellery store.

Seconds later, several shots rang out, drawing screams from people apparently observing the incident from nearby.