Excelsia Primary School students check out piggy bank designs with a superhero theme at a contest hosted this week by Money Matters BVI at the Financial Services Commission. (Photo: Provided)

Superheroes were used to inspire Virgin Islands youths to become “super savers” as five financial institutions backed a piggy bank design competition this week at the BVI Financial Services Commission in Pasea Estate.

The annual event, organised by the FSC’s Money Matters BVI programme, showcased entries from students in kindergarten through grade six across the territory.

The superhero theme of the piggy bank pageant saw 65 students rise to the occasion with a colourful variety of designs.

The competition was supported by the National Bank of the VI, Republic Bank, FirstBank, Banco Popular and CIBC.

Shonda Leacock, marketing manager at the National Bank, was impressed by the imagination behind the designs.

“It is a great way to instil in children the importance of saving,” she told the Beacon. “We choose superheroes this year as a theme to encourage super savers.”


The entries were split into various age categories.

The superhero element was extended from fictional figures to include real people in the VI or the international community who deserve admiration. Inspiration for designs ranged from Spider Man to Jesus Christ.

The exhibition at the FSC was presented as a “forest of possibilities” decked out in bright colours and balloons.

Yesterday morning, children from Alexandrina Maduro Primary School were among the students who were shown coins and other finance-related displays.

The competition also had a green theme, with recycled materials encouraged.

Money Matters BVI is a financial-literacy programme operated by the FSC.