Runners start the HLSCC Highland Spring race on Virgin Gorda last Saturday.

When Maxford Pipe finished  Saturday’s HLSCC Highland Spring race on Virgin Gorda, he appeared to be upset, despite finishing in first place.

That’s because he was hoping to break Renold Brown’s course of 10 minutes and 28.3 seconds set in 1999.

Mr. Pipe finished with a time of 10.72 minutes.

The time was good enough for first place and he was able to win  the series on VG.

“In general this was one of the faster races with the last runner crossing the line under 26 minutes,” Race Director Stephanie Russ Penn said. “Esron Simmons apparently pulled the entire field along.   Maxford Pipe the now overall male winner for the seventh time attempted to take advantage of the pace, but came up disappointedly short of his desired sub eleven minute time.  Overall there was an excellent turn out for the Virgin Gorda leg of the HLSCC Higland Spring series and the college extends our appreciaion to the Virgin Gorda community for their continued support.”

The last race on Tortola is scheduled for Nov. 10, while the  race for a cause will held on Nov. 24th.

Final Results

Two Mile Men: 1. Maxford Pipe, eleven minutes 10.72 seconds. 2. Emrol Amsterdam, 11:51.33. 3. Zebalon McLean, 12:16.29. 4. Curwin Andrews, 12:21.02. 5. Timon Robinson, 12:47.95. 6. Esron Simmons, 13:42.16. 7. Jermain Abrams, 13:45.92. 8. J’Verne Findlay, 14:57.23. 9. Erwin Telemaque, 17:51.42. 10. Wilbert Samuel, 19:16.07. 11. Jahnai Caul, 20:59.73.

Women: 1. J’Sally O’Neal, 15:36.64. 2. Casey McNutt, 16:04.43. 3. Vivian Toro, 17:12.89. 4. Lauren Welch, 21:11.60. 5. Kaelyah Liburd, 22:51.66. 6. Jassnique Frederick, 22:56.82.

Cross Country Primary School Teams: Bregado Flax Primary Division Houses: Levons Leopards (L), Parkers Panthers (P), Stevens Stallions (S), Corner Stone Primary (CS), Little Rainbow Primary (R). Robinson O’Neal Memorial (ROMP), Valley Day School (VDS). 1. Mekhoi Telemaque (S), 17:10.61. 2. Jadiel Gibson (S), 25:43.95.

Scores: 1. Steven’s Stallions, 3 (2 participant).

Secondary School Teams: Bregado Flax Houses (Harrigan (H), O’Neal (O) and Rhymer (R)): 1. Allon Williams (O), 15:05.17. 2. Kasim Clarke (R), 15:05.80. 3. Keanu George (O), 16:48.09. 4. T’Keyah Richardson (R), 18:00.11. 5. Lil Makeda Fahie (H), 18:22.86. 6. Kelaine Smith (O), 18:24.36. 7. Mariah Christian (O), 18:27.48. 8. K’Shoy Alexander (R), 18:41.95. 9. Bernard Ellis (H), 18:55.01. 10. Ryan Joseph (H), 20:54.51. 11. Elian O’Neal (H), 22:55.29. 12. Kiara Griffith (H), 22:56.45. 13. Sephile Arthurton (H), 25:42.62.  Scores: 1. Harrigan House, 60. 2. O’Neal, 17 (4 participant). 3. Rhymer, 14 (3 participants).

Series results

Two-Mile Overall Male Champion: Maxford Pipe (7th overall win)
Two-Mile Overall Female Champion: Casey McNutt (2nd overall win)

Under-9 Females: 1. Kaelyah Liburd
Under-17 Female: 1. Monique Joseph
Under-20 Females: 1. Deomatie Shilchand
Under-20 Males: 1. Collin Joseph
Age 20-29 Males: 1. Timon Robinson, 2. Esron Simmons, 3. Erwin Telemaque
Age 20-29 Females: 1. Lauren Welch
Age 30-39 Males: 1. Maxford Pipe, 2. Jermain Abrams
Age 30-39 Females: 1. Casey McNutt, 2. Vivian Toro
Age 40-49 Males: 1. Curwin Andrews, 2. Wilbert Samuel, 3. Rodney Modeste
Age 50-59 Males: 1. Emrol Amsterdam,
Over 60 Females: 1. Christine Yates
Primary School Division: 1. BFEC Steven’s Stallions
Secondary School Division: 1. BFEC Harrigan House, 2. BFEC O’Neal House, 3. BFEC Rhymer House
Outstanding Primary School Male: Mekhoi Telmaque
Outstanding High School Male: Kasim Clarke
Outstanding High School Female: Lil Makeda Fahie
Outstanding HLSCC Student Male: Collin Joseph
Outstanding HLSCC Student Female: Monique Joseph