He said, “Billie Jean is not my lover”

but Annie was upset.

No matter how he asked,

“Annie, are you ok?”

She was not having it.

He said, “The kid is not my son.”

People always

“Wanna be starting something,”

but all she said was

“Remember the time”

and he knew she was fed up.

He tried to be a “Thriller”

but she only believed what

she saw in “Black and White.”

He kept pleading,

“I just can’t stop loving you;”

“I’ll be there;”

It’s just “Human Nature.”

Those other people,

“They Don’t Care About Us,”

but this “Pretty Young Thing”

only wanted to “Scream.”

She said look at the

“Man in the Mirror,”

you’ll see a “Smooth Criminal.”

“The way you make me feel”

is “Dangerous.”

I want to “Rock with you,”

but you better

“Leave me alone”

or there will be

“Blood on the dance floor.”

You are “Bad”

because at night

“You are not alone.”

I remember when

“Love never felt so good”

and when I would say

“Don’t stop till you get enough,”

but now I need someone

to “Heal the world”

that I live in.