I am black


I’m proud.

This melanin does not define;

Instead it refines

Speaks of times

When all wasn’t fine;

When hate prevailed

And cries of injustice failed.

A time when

Mothers’ wails

Told deep dark tales —

Tales of losing sons

Burying children;

When men sold people for fun.


Yes, I am black


Yes, I’m proud.

This skin heralds a story

Of what once was — the white men’s fury.

This melanin boasts

Of struggles overcome

And hard fought victories won.


I am black excellence;

I exude greatness.

From every grief-stained face,

From blood, sweat and tears,

On the altar of sacrifice, I rest my fears —

I am called to rise;

Rise to every occasion,

Walk worthy of my vocation.


Your words may pierce

Even render deadly wounds,

But from this truth,

There is no escape,

I’ll rise with every moon.

I’ll show up.

I’ll throw down.

Because that’s what they taught me …


To dream, to fight,

To sit, to stand,

To sing, to shout,

To use my voice,

To tear down walls of indifference,

Build character in my brother and sister.

There’s no denying my worth,

From the sunrise of love, I was birthed.

I am black and I’m proud,


Let me rephrase that …

I am black excellence and

I am duly proud!