I am she…

She who sings

Many a songs

And twirls to many a tunes.

I am she,

The heart of the melody,

A mixed but perfect harmony.

I am that steady beat,

The constant that keeps life sweet.

I am she!


I am nature’s best:

Whispers of the wind,

Wild flowers sun-kissed,

Solid as granite boulders,

Holding purpose on my shoulders.

She who bends to the waves of change

But doesn’t break under the same.

She who floats with the rising tide.

Not one to sink, diminish or hide,

I am she!


I am resilience,

The strength of a community post-storm,

The building-back of a nation,

Hope of creation.

I am she:

She who fights

Even in sickness.

I rise in might

Radiating light.

I am a carrier:

Carrier of hope

Dreams, new birth.

I am the strength of a country

Mothering my own,

Nurturing ones next door.

I speak of love

And charity answers.

I rebuke hate

And jealousy defers.

I am the temperature

Reading a room.

I know what was, and what is,

Even the dangers that loom.

I am she

And she am I.


I dream,

I hope,

I fear,

I cry,

I lie down,

I wake up.

I rise with faith in my cup.

I have seen the day

Through my Father’s way.

I’m convinced

There’s no time to waste.

Pursuing passion, I make haste.

I am she

who conceives vision,

Bares the fruit of generations,

Delivers the potency of valued seed,

Nurtures the promise of those chosen to lead…

I am she!




Who sings many songs;

Embraces new tunes,



Rhythm too.

I am woman,

Divinely me.

Unapologetically, I am she!