I’ve linked with many friends over the years

And they have shared their happiness and their fears

But one thing always remains clear:

It’s their love for the tropical fruit called mango.

They say all the rest fruits taste good too:

The guavaberry, the gooseberry and the rest of the berry crew.

They like the soursop, sugar apple and banana,

And they want them fresh — not from drinking Tropicana.

The doctor never needs to tell my friends about eating fruits

’Cause if all parts of a mango tree were edible, they would eat the roots.

Yes! the mango is what they prefer

And regardless of the price they are never deterred.

Sometimes it even causes an argument

About which is the sweetest and which has the most delicious scent.

I know which mango I would choose: I pick Julie!

But the one friend said she prefers the kidney.

My buddy from way back when — he said the cottage is his choice,

But the partner down the road had to air his voice:

“East Indian is the best! There is no contest!”

Abigail chimed in that Billie Katie is the real deal

And that is a mango that she would be willing to steal.

O my friends, these mango lovers…

They can’t keep this mango-eating business under cover.

Addicted? Yes, I would say,

To the fruit I would never let decay.

And yes! Mango is definitely the best,

Proven by those who come from the east and the west

In search of the variety of mangoes available.