It’s her story, our story,

Of a history we hadn’t planned on,

A tale we thought we’d never tell.


In the face of choice

We are confronted with the grim reality,

That reason has no voice…

And clanging symbols make all the noise —

Noise that seems to grab the attention —

The attention of the masses

Even the most learned in classes —

The school of wisdom

To which so many seldom show up —

Live up!


Where do we go from here?

Our country’s future hangs in the balance,

Tipping the scale for an election drawing near.

The troops advance

Ready to dance

With moves slick and slender

Finessing with words so tender;

But if you listen carefully,

Your heart stops woefully

Because although the suits are new

And the words are sweet,

The music’s just the same

And the performer’s intention remain —

To seize, to rape, to plunder

That which is left

By men most inept.


Who will lead us?

Who will go?

He that has cleans hands and a pure heart —

He who has not lifted His hand unto vanity

Nor sworn deceitfully,

Men of valour,



A wise head, a still tongue,

One who understands that it isn’t in much speaking

Or in promises made;

But one who comprehends the brevity of time

And the length of days.

He who carries the burden to serve, to give, to lead from behind,

Not needing the prestige of men or to be first in line.


What shall our history be?

More of the same?

Or a chance for real change?

Are we ready to make the choice?

To give reason a voice?

Are we ready to experience the wave of freedom

That comes, that will come —

For choosing right and not wrong,

Fair and not favours,

Truth and not treachery,

Wisdom and not asininity,

Purpose and not futility?

It begins with a mind shift,

Gears fully engaged,

Not aimlessly lingering in neutral

Neither accelerating or backpedalling…

For History can repeat itself.


Dare we stay silent?

Mum on our territory’s affairs?

She will dress herself again,

But this time will we defend her?

Fight for her?

Protect her innocence?

Value her worth?

It’s time to change the narrative…

Make it a future with which we can live.