Planted in the soil of this nation, on land declared unfit,

a seed of hope lay buried, sustained only by God’s remit.

This seed had a vision, embedded in its DNA,

that its people shall rise at the appointed time and day.


One day the seed burst forth, piercing through the soil of the west,

answering the calling of the day: Now is the time, now is best.

The foundation has been laid, upon which our people can stand

and take their rightful place as the leaders of this gifted land.


Hamilton of Lavity enters, a king cloaked in humility,

schooled in the university of life, gifted with vision infinity.

A patriot beyond reproach, HL was the salt of the earth,

ordained and chosen to help his people find their worth.


From the beginning, HL realised, education is the golden key

to free the enslaved mind and help us rule our own destiny.

HL hand-picked the brightest without regard for affiliation.

His goal was simple: Use the best minds to build the nation.


And build he did, from infrastructure to health to economy.

HL championed opportunity, prosperity and greater autonomy.

One enemy is one too many; HL bridged the political divide;

he brought people together, shared love and inspired pride.


HL’s greatest love was his people. He helped them feel good each day.

His moral and spiritual leadership lit their path along the way.

HL had faith in himself and his BVI, rewarded the young and the old.

For the young he gave knowledge, for the elders a small pot of gold.


A country without a vision shall perish, HL’s words often spoken:

sage advice from a visionary, with 38 years of service unbroken.

HL’s admonition is timely for where we find ourselves today.

Let us bring forth the vision he gave: It is right there in our DNA.