There’s a strangeness in the air.

Crisis, crisis! But not fear.

Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


I’m a shaking, shaking, shaking

up the heaven and the earth:

There’s a falling, falling, falling

Where the tallest ones had been

Like the world has never seen!


Supposed powers are falling

From their lofty secured height

And treasuries are bringing

What was hidden from the light.


And the world is shaking, shaking,

By the mighty hand of God

That is writing, writing, writing

All our deeds upon the wall.


Hope is standing in the rubble

Of the shaking, shaking, shake

Witnessing the stripping, stripping

Of the multi layers of fake.


And the hand of God is writing

All our deeds upon the wall

While powerful knees are bending

To the greatest ONE of all.


I am stripping and removing

All the shaken, shaken, shakes

So unshakable could stand

In the desolated land.


They are bringing, bringing, bringing

Gold and frankincense and myrrh

But material things are falling

In the grimness of the hour.


Hope takes comfort in the shaking

Of the structures of the world!

There’s a beauty in destruction

Stripping, falling, stripping, stripped


To reclaim, rebuild, restore

His kingdom with plumb-line

That can never never falter:

Precious treasure to encounter

From the hand of our Creator.