Say something kind to someone today.

Too soon that someone could pass away,

And you’d be left with pain in your heart,

Wondering why you didn’t do your part.


Make someone happy, do it today.

Spread seeds of joy along the way.

As you journey on life’s winding road,

Help to relieve someone’s heavy load.


Reach someone needy or in sorrow.

Don’t say, “Not today, maybe tomorrow.”

Just do your utmost in every way.

Give all you can and do it today.


Today is the now that you can see.

Live it, love it; be happy and free.

The future — tomorrow — is out of sight,

Hold fast to your plans with all your might.


Ask God for guidance as you start today.

Keep focused on Him throughout the day.

At nightfall in your silent moment,

Give God thanks for a day well spent.