Police have reported a spike in assault cases in recent days, including two against security guards trying to prevent unmasked people from entering establishments, according to a Monday police press release.

Security officers at two establishments — a nightclub in Long Bush and a supermarket in East End — had to receive medical treatment for injuries they sustained from trying to stop unmasked people from entering, the press release stated, though it did not name suspects or list any charges. Police also said separate fights between present or former friends, coworkers and neighbours resulted in others being hospitalised.

“We are not only witnessing an inability by some to resist the temptation to inflict injury on those carrying out their duties, but weare also seeing premeditated and orchestrated assaults on colleagues, friends and neighbours in our civilised community,” Deputy Police Commissioner Alwin James said, adding, “Arresting those responsible is one thing, but some of those injuries are serious and could be permanent. It is important as a community that we accept no excuse for these acts of violence but voice our unified disapproval.”

According to the press release, investigations in these matters are ongoing.