A motorist receives a gas voucher as part of a collaboration between the Community Policing Unit and Bob’s Gas Station during Christmas week.(Photo: RVIPF)

More than 20 motorists received complimentary gas vouchers during Christmas week through a collaboration organised by the Community
Policing Unit and Bob’s Gas Station, the Police Information Office announced last week.

The police said drivers were randomly pulled over once their licence sticker appeared up to date at first glance. Then officers performed a closer inspection and awarded a gas voucher if the driver was the vehicle’s owner, was buckled up, and could produce up-to-date licensing and insurance documents, the police said.

“Policing is not all about enforcement: It’s also about working in collaboration to recognise those drivers and riders that continue to abide by the law and road traffic legislation,” Police Commissioner Mark Collins said.

Police Constable Mitchell John, the community officer who spearheaded the initiative, was pleased with the results. “The community was not expecting this gesture,” he said.

“Many of the drivers were shocked that they were pulled over, but once they became aware of the reason for the traffic stop, they were very pleased.”