Police issued an arrest warrant for Nyron Erickson on July 8, after releasing a previous warrant in February. (Photo: NYRON ERICKSON)

Police are again urging the public to help locate two men after previously issuing arrest warrants and pleas for assistance earlier in the year, according to two July 8 press releases.

The force is reissuing an arrest warrant for Nyron Erickson, 27, of West End, police said.

They did not explain the reason for Mr. Erickson’s warrant, but they encouraged anyone “who may have seen him or have information on his whereabouts” to contact them.

That same day, police for the second time asked for assistance in locating Kevin Tyson, of Johnsons Ghut, who is wanted in connection with a January seizure of a semi-automatic rifle and ammunitions, the press release states.

Mr. Tyson is approximately 5 feet 6inches, with a dark complexion and medium build, and he may be armed and dangerous and should not be approached, according to police.

Anyone with information about either man is asked to call 311 or the Intelligence Unit at 368-9339.

Police initially announced Mr. Erickson’s warrant on Feb. 12, and they issued the first press release about Mr. Tyson on Jan. 29.