During a six-week period in June and July, a group of Virgin Islands police officers completed an armed-response training while another group took part in the Drug Abuse Resistance and Education Programme, according to the Police Information Office.

The courses ran simultaneously at the Road Town Police Station. The in-house armed response training, delivered by an inspector and two sergeants, included nine officers and covered topics such as weapon handling, precision shooting, and house clearing, among others.

D.A.R.E. training

The D.A.R.E. Programme training, delivered by Police Constable Zamfir Adams, included nine community policing officers.

They received instruction on topics such as bullying; teaching youths to say no to drug offers; gangs and gang violence; and “more sensitive topics such as good and bad touches” and “good and bad secrets,” according to the PIO.

They were also trained on how to address such subject areas with children while keeping them entertained.

Deputy Police Commissioner St. Clair Amory congratulated the trainees and instructors alike.

“It is not always the case that the organisation would be able to employ trainers from overseas, so it is commendable that we have our own who are equipped to deliver these training materials to officers,” he said.