Police warned this week about recent thefts from purses and wallets left on the seats of unsecured vehicles.

In two recent incidents, $700 was stolen from a wallet and $1,000 from a purse, both of which had been left on a front passenger seat, police said, though they did not say when or where the thefts occurred.

One perpetrator has been identified so far, police added, though they did not name the person.

Following the thefts, police are discouraging people from leaving valuables in their vehicles if possible — or to hide them and lock vehicle doors if there is no choice.

Farm thefts

Police also reported recent thefts of bananas and other pro- duce from farms on the eastern end of Tortola.

At least four farmers have reported their bananas and plantains stolen in the areas of Long Look, Greenland, Josiah Bay and Thomas Landing within the last two weeks, police said.

A farmer in Long Look re-ported that five hands of bananas were taken from his property, and another in East End discovered some 60 pounds of bananas missing, police said.