Premier Dr. Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley is scheduled to return to the territory today after attending the 74th Meeting of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Authority in St. Kitts.

At the two-day event, he was slated to promote the territory’s socio-economic and political interests, according to a government statement released Tuesday.

“As leader of government business, I will seek to further engage in strategic discussions with our regional partners as we strive together towards a sustainable future that is in alignment with our collective priority areas,” Dr. Wheatley said in the statement.

The OECS is an international inter-governmental organisation dedicated to regional integration in the Eastern Caribbean.

The OECS Authority is its highest policy-making body and is responsible for the general direction and control of its functions.

While Dr. Wheatley is in St. Kitts, Deputy Premier Lorna Smith was appointed to act as premier Tuesday through Feb. 15, when Dr. Wheatley is scheduled to return.

The premier is accompanied by Xyrah Wheatley, the assistant secretary in the International Affairs Secretariat.