Premier Andrew Fahie said his government so far has waived tender processes for four initiatives: the rehabilitation of the Elmore Stoutt High School’s L-shaped building; incinerator repairs; an update to the Beneficial Ownership Secure Search System; and the purchase of a new vehicle for the premier.

The announcement came during the Friday House of Assembly meeting when Mr. Fahie was asked by Opposition Leader Marlon Penn (R-D3) if his government had waived the tender process for any contracts, projects or purchases since taking office on Feb. 28.

Mr. Fahie (R-D1) explained that the Cabinet decision to award split contracts for ESHS was motivated by the hard deadline to complete the project. It was necessary to cancel the ongoing tender process, which launched on March 19, to avoid significant delay risks, he said.


Regarding the incinerator, the premier explained that the decision to waive the tender process was in keeping with decisions made by the previous government.

“All we did was move forward,” he said. “The incinerator being down is a health hazard. It was a real problem and still is.”

The contracts were for Consutech Systems LLC, which was awarded the purchase of an incinerator control panel box in the sum of $161,300, and Skelton Electric Limited for electric repairs amounting to $192,153.

These contractors were decided upon by the previous government, Mr. Fahie said, and the new government simply pushed the decision forward by waiving the tender process.

BOSSS, vehicle

The BOSS System, he added, needed to be updated to accommodate the new economic substance requirements for companies registered here. The total sum for the contract is $141,513.

“Our position in the financial sector is one where we’re falling behind,” explained Mr. Fahie, who added that legislation would soon pass through the HOA regarding the matter.

The tender process was also waived for the purchase of a new vehicle for the premier’s use: a new Cadillac Escalade, which was purchased from Virgin Islands Motors for $115,600.

The premier said the purchase was necessary since the previous premier’s vehicle was experiencing numerous mechanical issues. The decision was made because of safety concerns, he added.