Government officials contend that the existing airport needs to be expanded to bring in direct flights from the United States mainland.

When government announced on Dec. 27 that it had chosen the state-owned China Communications Construction Company as its preferred bidder to undertake the airport expansion project, officials said they hoped to reach a contractual agreement with the China-based company within three months.

Government still has not begun formal negotiations with its preferred bidder for the expansion of the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (above). Photo: Beacon file
However, that deadline has come and gone, and government still hasn’t begun any formal negotiations with CCCC, according to Premier Dr. Orlando Smith.

“While there has been some discussion on the technical level, formal negotiations for the proposed expansion of the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport runway project have not begun,” Dr. Smith said last Thursday in the House of Assembly.

He didn’t provide a date for when he expects negotiations to commence.The premier has also promised that public meetings will be held on the project before a contract is finalised with any bidder.

While it’s not clear when the expansion will break ground, government has already spent about $6.2 million on the project, Dr. Smith said last Thursday in response to a question from Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie.

That money has gone largely towards consultants and legal representatives to assist with preparatory work associated with the project, Dr. Smith said.

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