Premier Dr. Orlando Smith has appointed a “working group” to help spearhead the recovery effort as government finalises the territory’s official recovery plan.

“On my instruction, a working group has been working through the intricacies that will be required for the agency to be stood up, through informal gatherings for the past month or so,” Dr. Smith (R-at large) explained last month.

The final plan — subject to approval by the House of Assembly — will establish an independent Recovery and Development Agency to control the direction of recovery funds.

Dr. Robert Mathavious, the managing director of the BVI Financial Services Commission, chairs the working group. Other members include Brodrick Penn, the chairman of the Disaster Recovery Coordination Committee; Sharleen DaBreo, the director of the Department of Disaster Management; Maria Mays, a policy officer for the Governor’s Office; David Norris; Clarence Faulkner; Clyde Lettsome; and Dwayne Strawn from Virgin Gorda, according to Dr. Smith.

“In addition to doing the necessary work required for my colleagues and I to have the Recovery and Development Agency constituted, in this interim period and in view of the approaching hurricane season, the working group is assisting ministries with the implementation of the immediate priorities of the recovery effort and the approval of the recovery plan,” the premier explained.