Police, fire fighters and other public officers recently completed training in using drones for disaster response.

The three-day DARTdrones’ Basic Flight Training for Disaster Response, which concluded Friday, included classroom sessions and hands-on exercises, according to government.

“The course covers operating the aircraft, but also understanding the environmental constraints you might encounter out in the field,” Instructor Colin Romberger said.

He added that drones are ideal for responding to a disaster mainly because of their search-and-rescue applications.

“After a disaster, your first priority is saving lives,” he said. “Drones are a valuable tool in the search and rescue process because they allow you to search a large area quickly, even in challenging terrain.”

The aircraft, he added, can be outfitted with mechanisms such as temperature-sensitive cameras.

“You can use this equipment to survey a broad area and then piece together maps to document the damage in each community, or to take a close look at specific components such as power generators,” he said.

Drone components and the training were funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as part of the United Kingdom’s efforts to build the overseas territories’ capacity to respond to emergencies, according to government.

The training last week also included participants from Anguilla and the Turks and Caicos Islands.