Repairs to the Cathryn and Gertrude Warner Community Centre in Purcell Estate are slated for completion within the first quarter of next year, according to Health and Social Development Minister Carvin Malone.

Speaking in response to opposition member Alvera Maduro-Caines (R-D6) during the Oct. 17 House of Assembly meeting, Mr. Malone added that the 2020 budget would include funding to repair all of the territory’s community centres.

The works to the centre in Purcell Estate will include repairs to the roof, the gate, the perimetre fencing, and the retaining wall behind the facility, according to Mr. Malone (R-at large).

The budget does not include funding for furnishings, but Mr. Malone said he would seek to work with Ms. Maduro-Caines to include them and to finish the works in a “timely and collaborative manner.”

Ms. Maduro-Caines responded by pointing out that the community centre no longer qualifies as a hurricane shelter because of leaks and “water springing from the floor,” and she said that it is “probably” the only shelter without beds and other furnishings.