No charges have been laid in relation to the quarantine breaches in mid-December that triggered a round of contact tracing and prompted health officials to urge patrons of two establishments to get tested for Covid-19, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton said on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development issued a statement on Dec. 15 announcing “recent breaches in quarantine procedures by guests testing positive for Covid-19,” and urging patrons of the Willy T on Dec.11 and of Pusser’s at Sopers Hole on Dec. 14 to get tested.

On Dec. 23, the ministry followed up, stating that contact tracing had “found no evidence of related transmission of Covid-19.”

Though leaders have warned in recent weeks that quarantine violations would be punished, the ministry has not provided further information about the December breaches.

Attempts this week to speak to Health and Social Development Minister Carvin Malone and other health officials were unsuccessful.

Although a worker in the ministry directed this reporter on Tuesday to send an email, he has not received a response.