Men forcing themselves into people’s homes, harassing women on the street, and smashing the windows of parked cars are all part of an increase in reported incidents involving people who are believed to be mentally ill, according to police.

In a Feb. 23 press release, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated that on Feb. 22, a Long Bush resident reported that she responded to a knock on her door at around 9:30 p.m., and a man entered and attempted to force himself on her.

The perpetrator, “who appeared to be unbalanced,” was apprehended and taken to the Behavioural Ward of the Dr. Orlando Smith Hospital after neighbours responded to the woman’s cries for help, Ms. Drayton stated.

She added that both the victim and the person who assisted her were injured.

Following a mental health screening at the hospital, David Corridon, 43, of St. Vincent, was charged with indecent assault and placed on remand following an appearance before Magistrates’ Court, Ms. Drayton stated in another press release issued on Tuesday.

Other attacks

Separately, at least three other women “reported being grabbed or nearly grabbed by a known mentally ill male” last month, according to Ms. Drayton.

Two of the reported incidents occurred in Road Town, the other at Long Bay, Beef Island, she added.

Smashed windows

Additionally, a man recently smashed the windshields of 26 cars in the hospital parking lot, Ms. Drayton alleged in the Feb. 23 press release, noting that he was subsequently hospitalised in the Behavioural Ward at the Dr. Orlando Smith Hospital.

On Tuesday Ms. Drayton stated that the alleged perpetrator, Glenford Smith, Jr., a Tortola native residing in Carrot Bay, was charged with destruction of windows and windshields following a mental health evaluation.