Book swap

A Beaconite going through Barnes & Noble withdrawal wants to know if anyone would be interested in participating in a book swap? This Beaconite is getting pretty desperate for new reading material, as she conservatively estimates that she has now read each novel in her possession approximately 100 million times. While all the books she brought along are great, at this point she can basically recite them from memory. If anyone is interested in trading, just send her an email at


A Beaconite’s family is scheduled to arrive for a weeklong visit on Sunday evening. After living in the Virgin Islands for seven months, this Beaconite is excited to see and host the three other members of his family: Leanne, Randy and Jesse. They will be travelling from Seattle – which has likely already plunged into Washington state’s six month season of greyness – and will no doubt be happy to receive a dose of Caribbean sunshine. This Beaconite is looking forward to showing them around a few of the many awesome places this territory has to offer. He is also, however, looking forward to spending a few days with them doing nothing more than eating some quality food and becoming one with a beach chair.

Acting editor

For this week and next, a Beaconite has to serve as this newspaper’s acting editor while the regular editor gallivants around Europe with his family. So far, the experience has taught the Beaconite that he does not want to be a full-time editor later in his career. While the job has its perks – he’s instituted an office policy that everyone has to call him “Lord Commander,” for instance – having to edit and manage dozens of stories has given him a headache. But more importantly, acting as editor has taken time away from the Beaconite to do what he loves most: investigate and work on stories that are of public interest. The Beaconite hopes his editor comes back soon so he can get back to doing just that.

For a good cause

After staying up late into Saturday morning, this Beaconite was very groggy when she had to wake up early for the BVI Cancer Society’s “Run/Walk for a Cure.” However, she got over the need to sleep in longer, dressed, and walked to the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park where the exercise began. There, she snapped out of her laziness after seeing a young mother with all three of her very young children happily walking in support of the cause. This reporter commends the young mother and her children and will use them as a constant reminder and inspiration next time she’s lazy.