Whale of a time

The float of a humpback whale that dazzled crowds at the August Monday Parade with its working blowhole, recorded whale songs, and immense scale has found a temporary home at the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park. The non-profit organisation Beyond the Reef aimed to raise awareness for how discarded fishing nets and other refuse can inhibit whales as they traverse Virgin Islands waters. During a Saturday event at the park, families had an opportunity to get up close to the float, with many children curiously peeking in the humpback’s gaping maw. A Beaconite heard quite a bit of interest from VI residents about what would become of the float, and she is glad to see it serving as educational art. A recent Facebook post of the whale was tagged “#wheresthewhale,” and Beaconites hope it will move around the territory in the future. If so, it will be hard to miss. 

Truth hurts

Reporting on the state of coral reefs in the Virgin Islands brought a Beaconite to tears this week. When she was conducting one interview, she mentioned that it can be difficult painting a realistic picture without leaving readers too devastated. Her source responded, “The truth hurts sometimes.” It’s daunting to consider the scale of the threats facing VI reefs, but the Beaconite hopes people take the warning to heart and advocate for their own interests.


A reader recently alerted a Beaconite about an impressive collection of Pusser’s merchandise at The Chart Room First Class Restaurant in the coastal town of Brixham in southwest England. Apparently, the owner is a retired Royal Navy captain who has dedicated a section of his restaurant to Pusser’s rum bottles and cups. He told the reader he purchased most of the collection in the United Kingdom and by ordering it online. Beaconites were impressed by the collection, to say the least. If they are ever in Brixham, they will be sure to pay it a visit — perhaps even carrying a Pusser’s mug to add to the collection.