Holiday schedule

Because of the coming holiday, the Beacon won’t print on Dec. 29 or Jan. 5, but advertising and editorial deadlines will return to normal for the Jan. 12 edition. In the meantime, check for news updates. After a tough year, Beaconites wish the community a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year.

Same-sex marriage

A Beaconite has been surprised to see the government take a strong stance against same-sex marriage in the territory in the face of a lawsuit challenging the existing ban, and she was even more surprised when the premier announced a referendum on the issue on Monday. She wonders about his reasoning for the move. On one hand, she hears from many leaders that the territory needs to be more progressive and forward-thinking. On the other hand, many residents hold to traditional values and ways of thinking. Suggesting that same-sex couples could have limited rights as opposed to married couples sounds like a compromise on the surface, but the Beaconite believes it is not really a compromise at all: It simply throws same-sex couples a small bone. The approach to hold a referendum may prove to be fruitful, or it may offer a platform for zealots on either side of the debate to condemn others. The Beaconite hopes the dialogue leading up to the vote will be civil, and that all sides will treat each other with respect.

Cooking and Christmas greetings

A Beaconite loves the kitchen. He particularly enjoys trying new menus, and on Christmas Eve he will be cooking the traditional Guyanese pepper-pot, which will be served with a loaf of bread and some ground coffee sent to him by his folks in the countryside. As the imaginative drumroll beats on Christmas morning, he will most likely choose to grill a variety of meats, but his choice for lunch is under intense debate: It’s either traditional Guyanese rice or chicken Alfredo baked in parmesan sauce. Of course, a tasty avocado salad will accompany the lunch, backed by a baked trout with lots of onion. Yes, he will make the best of the kitchen this Christmas. Of course, some people may not have the time to create their own dishes on Christmas Day. But they do have a choice since the menus of several restaurants and caterers in the Virgin Islands have been posted on Facebook. The Beaconite would like to wish everyone a merry — and very delicious — Christmas and a special and successful 2023.


Beaconites are glad that the government is inviting feedback on the Public Service Transformation Plan following a midterm review. The exercise is valuable, as the public service certainly needs work in many areas. And since members of the public are its main clients, their input is crucial. To access the plan, go to and click on the “publications” tab. Input can also be submitted via a survey at, which contains a link to the full plan. Such collaboration is extremely important — especially as the Commission of Inquiry reforms continue in earnest — and Beaconites hope everyone will add their two cents.

Panto pandemonium

This season, a Beaconite had the opportunity to join her first pantomime play and had an absolute blast. While she’s done a few community plays in other cities in the past, she’s never had the pleasure of joining such a high-energy, zany production. The reporter isn’t the most naturally talented singer or dancer, and she’s still astonished she was talked into doing it in front of people. But being pushed out of one’s comfort zone is always a great opportunity for growth, and she had a great time hashing out the choreography with her fellow castmates. Seeing everything come together before opening night was a marvel, as the set pieces, props, costumes and overall show all fell into place. She’s grateful for the new friends she made and to everyone who came out to enjoy the show.