Praise where it’s due

A Beaconite’s recent writings in this space have not been particularly complimentary of government in general or its policy decisions in particular. But she must give credit where it’s due, and she would like to praise Greg Adams, chief planner at the Town and Country Planning Department, and his front desk staff. On Monday at 10 a.m. she entered and submitted a form requesting a copy of a development application, not knowing the plot number but hoping Mr. Adams would be able to look it up anyway. The front desk worker said they would try their best, and the Beaconite left. Within an hour, the department called back to let her know she could pick up the information that day, and they had it waiting at the front desk when she arrived. It was the fastest turnaround from a government agency she has ever encountered — in the Virgin Islands or maybe anywhere. Thank you.




A Beaconite has finally seen sea turtles hatching! It has been weeks of waiting, but that is okay with her. Some people have waited decades to witness the phenomenon. Early Sunday, she was going through her day when she had a random thought to be at Josiahs Bay at sunset. Sure enough, as soon as sunset rolled around, she received a call that the turtles were out there, hatching. She jumped into her car and raced over, spending a couple of hours watching the turtles scurry into the water. She wishes the best for them in their journey, and welcomes nesting mothers again next year. She hopes she can see the turtles laying eggs next time too! See coverage on page one.



Help for abuse

A Beaconite feels sympathy for everyone in the territory who doesn’t feel safe at home while dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. She hasn’t heard much since community members identified abuse as an issue during the round-the-clock lockdown, but the fact remains that some people are still struggling. The Family Support Network has a 24-hour crisis helpline for people dealing with domestic violence at 499-0999. Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is not the fault of the target. No one deserves to live in constant fear. Help is available.



A law deferred

A Beaconite would like to commend legislators for their decision to seek more community input before voting on the proposed Police Act, which would significantly overhaul police services. Balancing the necessary powers of police officers with the rights of citizens is a complicated task — one that can only be made easier through clear two-way communication with constituents. This reporter hopes government will hold outreach efforts on this bill and others as it pursues a busy legislative agenda.



It was a lazy and quiet Saturday on Jost Van Dyke for a Beaconite as she tagged along with some friends to enjoy an impromptu shindig at Foxy’s Tamarind Bar. After grabbing a ginger drink and beef patty from Crandall’s, the reporter headed west with a colleague and joined friends at the dock. They went to White Bay first, enjoying the seclusion and rare quiet moment when no tourists were around. Only two bars were open, but she and her friends walked with drinks anyway. After a nice swim, they made their way over to Foxy’s and hung out until sunset. That same night, Paradise Bar in Cane Garden Bay was packed with familiar faces all looking for a good time. It was almost like a normal weekend in the VI — almost!