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A Beaconite has been busy snapping photos at a wide variety of events this month, but this weekend afforded her some time to test out a new underwater camera for a bit of fun. She and a friend headed out to Josiah’s Bay on a beautifully calm and sunny afternoon, where she donned her snorkel gear and checked out the reefs on the east end of the bay. Josiah’s is known for its surfable waves during the winter months, but that day was suitably calm for a photo session. They had the beach almost entirely to themselves, and many marine creatures emerged from their hiding spaces. The stingray she spotted was certainly a highlight, but she also encountered some of her favourite species, including schools of needlefish and a timid squirrelfish. Being able to reconnect with nature and dust off her wildlife photography skills gave the reporter a much-needed boost. Underwater photography presents new but fun challenges, and she hopes to put the camera to use frequently. It’ll be fun to compare the photos from last weekend to what she takes a year from now after gaining a bit more experience.

Hot, hot, hot

A Beaconite has been struggling with the recent heat wave, which is unusual. Typically, temperatures are not so high so early in the year. He has also heard some people predict that early heat is a harbinger of extra hurricanes later in the year. Though he suspects such predictions are based more on folklore than science — and meteorologists are predicting just an average hurricane season this year — he also believes that preparation is key. So he hopes that everyone will prepare for a major storm, just in case. He knows he will. Hurricane Irma, which destroyed his home and office in 2017, taught him that much.

Staycation season

Summer arrives next Wednesday, and that means a Beaconite has his eyes out for staycation deals across the territory in the coming months. Though the BVI Tourist Board hasn’t yet released its annual list of offers for residents, he suspects it will come soon. And in the meantime, certain properties are already advertising deals on their own. The Beaconite always tries to take advantage the local offers during the summer season. There’s nothing like taking a vacation in your own backyard to make you appreciate where you live. And as a journalist, the Beaconite gets an added benefit: Seeing the territory through the eyes of a visitor helps him to better understand the tourism industry. Summer is also a good time to look for deals in neighbouring islands like the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten. The Beaconite encourages everyone to take full advantage.


A Beaconite recently travelled to Nepal, where she underwent a ten-day meditation course involving ten hours of meditation daily and a vow of silence. The experience was breathtakingly beautiful for her. Settled in the mountainside of the Kathmandu Valley, the course was offered free for all students. She joined a cohort of nearly 100 participants and met amazing people with whom she created unforgettable experiences outside of the meditation course. She continues her practice and encourages anyone curious about doing something similar to go for it. The Kathmandu Valley is settled in the footsteps of the Himalayas, but the meditation course is offered in more than 300 locations throughout the world. While the Earth is filled with countless natural treasures, the warm waters and pristine beaches of the Virgin Islands remain one of her favourite places in the world — something that will remain true no matter what.