Happy holiday

The Beacon office will be closed for the Commonwealth Day holiday on Monday. All advertising and editorial deadlines will remain the same. Beaconites hope everyone enjoys the day off.


Honouring VI women


During an International Women’s Day ceremony on Monday, a Beaconite learned some interesting facts about women in the Virgin Islands. At the event, four wives of current and former VI leaders were honoured for their contributions to society. Tributes were also made to several other women. Attendees participated in the tributes through a game, during which each table received questions to answer. The question on the Beaconite’s table was, “Do you know the name of the first woman from the Virgin Islands to be appointed as a judge in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court?” After a brief consultation, the others at the table agreed that the answer was “Janice George-Creque.” As the youngest person at the table, the reporter was given the opportunity to represent the group by answering the question. The answer was correct. The Beaconite was happy to be on a winning team, but even happier to leave the assignment with extra knowledge.


For the animals


Sarah and Abby Kite had a birthday party last week, but they didn’t want gifts for themselves. Instead, the young girls decided to help out the dogs, cats and other furry residents at the Humane Society of the BVI. At the “pony-themed party,” the invited guests brought donations of several large bags of dog food and a total of $230 cash to the organisation, according to Humane Society founder Tessa Gunter. “It was a great help,” she said. “I wish Santa Claus could come like this every year.” Beaconites think the girls should be commended for their gesture, and wish them a happy belated birthday.


Reporting on the go


Business people are busy people, and sometimes talking to reporters isn’t always at the top of their to-do list. So one Beaconite was thankful that a marina manager and two property developers were nice enough to give him their time in recent days. Part of the interviews with all three subjects, though, took place on golf carts while the men were driving. One subject even continued answering the Beaconite’s questions as he piloted a boat speeding from one part of a development to the other. At one point during the boat ride, the Beaconite asked him a difficult question, which briefly made the reporter reconsider whether posing a tough question while seated so close to edge of the boat was such a bright idea. But, thankfully, the subject was candid with his answer and did not push the curious reporter overboard. The Beaconite remains thankful that the interview subjects — and other sources — have been generous with their time and information.


Premier sighting


A Beaconite had a bit of a celebrity sighting over the weekend: While having lunch at a restaurant with a view of The Baths on Virgin Gorda, the reporter noticed Premier Ralph O’Neal sitting at a table across the room. Although in typical beach attire, the reporter made sure her path through the restaurant took her past the statesman so she could say “good afternoon.” Mr. O’Neal was gracious in his response to the greeting, but since he probably receives dozens of such greetings from near-strangers each day, the reporter doesn’t feel bad that he didn’t seem to recognise her.


A whale of an assignment


A Beaconite, on the ferry to St. Thomas on assignment, was reminded of his good fortune by a fellow passenger. The reporter may have to get up early some Sunday mornings, but he still gets to go on international business trips in a bathing suit. And then there is the matter of the assignment itself: He was covering a whale-watching trip launched from the neighbouring territory. And yes, he did see some whales. See article on page 9.