Covering coronavirus

As the COVID-19 pandemic plays out here and abroad, readers and advertisers can rest assured that The BVI Beacon will continue covering the issue — and other news as usual. Though the situation is obviously unpredictable, with schools closing and many businesses limiting operations, the Beacon plans to continue distributing the weekly print edition at the usual locations for as long as possible, and just in case that becomes impossible for any reason they are making preparations to distribute a digital edition instead. In the meantime, the website will be updated regularly. Check The BVI Beacon Facebook page for updates. If you have any questions or suggestions for the editorial team, please feel free to call 540-4646. For advertising questions call 494-3434 or 542-2404 or email



In the garden

Before the school closure was announced, a Beaconite was lucky to start his week in one of the best ways possible: by standing in the sun while watching kids run around a garden, laughing and smiling while picking produce from the soil. The Beaconite was reporting on the gardening programme at Francis Lettsome Primary School, where kids get the opportunity to reap foods they plant and then develop business acumen slinging said foods to their teachers. The gardening instructor had a great rapport with the kids, who, in turn were excited by the curriculum and eager to get their hands dirty. In light of the coronavirus pandemic — which, in the course of a week, has seemingly gone from potential disturbance to Armageddon-in-waiting — watching the kids take so much care in watering herbs and drawing signs advertising their sales was a bright, necessary reminder that when life presents so much gloom, one must always take some time to admire the bloom.




With all the chaos and confusion surrounding coronavirus, a Beaconite decided to take note of something good that’s happening in the territory: mangoes. In the backyard of her apartment are three mango trees, and all of them are producing fruits that are nearly ready to pick. Having purchased a fruit picker a few weeks ago in preparation for mango season, the reporter has been diligently checking the trees. Some fruits are too far to reach, but others just need a little time and they’ll be ready to eat. Finding fruit on island has been rewarding and not-so-challenging for the reporter. A couple of weekends ago, she found a coconut on the beach and dug into its meat. She also sought out some smaller coconuts since she enjoys the coconut water from them. She considers herself lucky to be living in an area with such abundance of natural foods and is eager to explore what else the island has to offer. Suggestions are welcomed!



Embracing emotions

Last week, a Beaconite was contending with a serious bout of cynicism about the impracticality of embracing emotions. She found herself repeatedly questioning if there’s a place for whimsy and compassion and poetic musings in adulthood, or if those were all cleverly disguised, rosy terms for naivety. However, a new acquaintance then had an unfortunate incident with a lost cell phone. She did what she could to help him that evening and later received this message: “No worries. And thank you again for your help and understanding. I can see why you make a good journalist. You know how to empathise and assist in stressful situations. Thanks again.” The reporter was grateful not only for the kind words regarding a profession that has received more than its fair share of hate in recent years, but also for the reminder that having a heart isn’t a bad thing. It might get a little bruised on occasion, but that’s nothing Elton John’s “Sad Songs (Say So Much)” can’t fix.