On the water

A Beaconite had the chance to witness her first Leverick Bay Poker Run on Sunday. She arrived at Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park a bit too early and witnessed some boats coming into Tortola throughout the day. But when the party boats arrived around 2:30 p.m., she saw dozens of speedboats zoom into the docks. People buy outfits just for this specific day, she was told. She had no idea how big of an event it would be: Around 3,000 people showed up to it, organisers said. She walked around the dock and saw some of the party, convinced this was enough to get a good gist of the event. But then when she found out that the real party was in Leverick Bay, she gathered to courage to ask for a ride on a speedboat and was generously given the chance. The boats left in packs, and they coasted along the islands, sometimes racing each other to Leverick Bay. Things were flying around in the speedboat, and the reporter hung on for dear life with two hands. When they pulled up, she saw hundreds of boats and hundreds of people jamming to music and lounging around. The reporter proceeded to the hotel’s lobby to search for organisers when she walked into a heated argument. Wide-eyed and quiet, she waited for the flames to settle before speaking up. Having done her due diligence, she strolled around the marina and resort area, soaking in the buzz of the event. When she caught a ferry home, she witnessed an amazing sunset. All in all, it was a great day.

Taking action

A Beaconite has not always agreed with every decision Premier Andrew Fahie has made since taking office, but she has respected him because of what she perceives to be a certain firmness of his convictions. However, now she’s not so sure. One issue he seemed firm on was the recent “Clear Path to Regularisation.” But he has postponed the programme indefinitely, potentially leaving thousands of people in the lurch. Yes, a petition opposing the programme received just over 100 signatures, and several unusually loud critics spoke out during community meetings. But she wonders if these detractors reflect the feelings of the population as a whole. If not, it is not a sign of strength to cave to them. However, it is a sign of strength to take different opinions into consideration and move forward with a modified plan, which is what she believes the premier should do. Mr. Fahie said that doing nothing is not an option for him. She hopes that’s true, because the worst decision he could make would be making no decision at all.

Best seats in the house

Is it weird that a Beaconite likes showing up at least 30 minutes early for any event at Government House just to sit on the chairs in the waiting room? Seriously, they are the most comfortable chairs she has had the pleasure of sitting on in Tortola. She eagerly looks forward to arriving before anyone else, plopping herself on the fluffy seat cushions and reading a book or just listening to music while looking out at the fantastic view. And really comfortable relaxation spots have been surprisingly hard to come by on a tropical Caribbean island. Her mattress still doesn’t have a bed frame and her room can get stuffy without much air circulation. Her apartment still doesn’t have proper furniture and she can’t stretch out on her makeshift patio couch. Coffee shops tend to close early, bars are too lively for her, and the office is too cramped. Where’s a girl to sit back and chill? On the chairs outside of Government House before press conferences. That’s where.