Franklyn Penn Jr., second from left, received the Royal Virgin Islands PoliceForce Spirit Award for helping two disabled visitors navigate Admin Drive. (Photo: RVIPF)

Franklyn Penn Jr. became the second recipient of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Spirit Award after he was filmed helping two wheelchair-bound cruise ship passengers navigate Admin Drive, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton announced on Friday. 

Mr. Penn was presented the award by Community Officer Constable Mitchell John and in the presence of acting Deputy Police Commissioner JacquelineVanterpool and acting Assistant Commissioner St. Clair Amory, Ms. Drayton stated. 

“We want to continue to recognise those who exemplify the community spirit that is endemic in the BVI and its people,” Mr. John said, adding,“Selfless acts like these, when no one is looking, when persons are going about their daily lives, is what we like to acknowledge and reward.” 

Last year, Mr. John and Constable Emnisa Edwards presented the spirit award to Elmore Stoutt High School student Sweland Charles for helping a “visually impaired resident” cross the highway near the BVI Red Cross, Ms. Drayton stated.