Beginning sailors cooped up together on a yacht for days cruise around beautiful islands as they struggle to learn basic sailing tasks and put up with each other. Sound fun? Alan Brown and Jeff Block think it just might make for good television.

The men, who charter a boat in the Virgin Islands each year, are the executive producers of “Caribbean Mutiny,” a proposal they’d like to see on television.

“We went through all of the people we knew that had been on our boat in the last five years and the different personalities that they all had and the conflicts that ensued between the different personalities. And we decided that this might make a great reality TV show series,” Mr. Brown said.

Though the men are still fleshing out the details of the idea, the current proposal calls for 16 contestants assigned to different sailboats. The teams would cruise around the islands while participating in a number of sailing-related tasks such as mooring, anchoring and navigating boats as they compete against each other. Each week, one poorly performing contestant would be told, “Get off my boat,” Mr. Brown said.

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