In 2020, three of the five road fatalities were a result of scooter collisions, police stated on Thursday as they called for the community to work together to better regulate the vehicles.

During December alone, 10 of the 15 recorded vehicular accidents with injuries involved scooters or motorcycles, with eight resulting in hospitalisations, police added in a press release.

In many of these collisions, the vehicles were removed from the scene before police arrived, likely so that the owners could avoid confiscation of uninsured or unregistered vehicles, Chief Inspector Dariel Robinson said.

To minimise such accidents in the future, scooters and motorcycles must be more tightly regulated, Mr. Robinson said.

“For the year 2021, management policies will be necessary at all levels for there to be safety on the roads and to reduce the danger of riders,” Mr. Robinson said, adding, “Limits and conditions must be set by other sectors of the community, both public and private, to regulate purchases and [ensure] lawful requirements are fulfilled prior to procurement of these vehicles.”