Dateline: Paradise (April 21, 2011)

Lemurs are way more awesome than geckos Some cranky scientists are up in arms because Sir Richard Branson is planning to bring a few lemurs to Mosquito Island.

Call made for reconciliation in VI

Today in these Virgin Islands, church fights church, brother fights brother, sister speaks against sister, while the community looks on with sheer horror and disgust.

VI warned about rising sea levels

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations-sponsored network, foresees that global temperatures will rise as much as 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100.

Editorial (April 21, 2011)

Social sector analysis a good move The Ministry of Health and Social Development was right to commission an analysis of the territory’s social sector.

Writer speaks out against sex crimes

My mind struggles to comprehend the growing number of reports of domestic violence and sexual assault in this small territory.

Reporter’s Notebook (April 14, 2011)

Lessons of a reef One Beaconite had the opportunity to go snorkelling with an expert this week, and found it eye-opening.

Editorial (April 14, 2011)

Gov’t should involve the public Government has put the cart before the horse with the new health insurance programme for the public service.

Dateline: Paradise (April 7, 2011)

Call me Ishmael This weekend, I was invited to sail in the Spring Regatta aboard Veritas, a 1962 ketch competing in the Classics Division.

Culture and heritage contrasted

In a quest to understand what constitutes national identity, I had a very interesting conversation the other day about culture and heritage.

Editorial (April 7, 2011)

Questions linger about Biwater contract We are disappointed that Governor Boyd McCleary decided against calling an inquiry

Reporter’s Notebook (March 31, 2011)

Goodbye, BBC Caribbean One Beaconite woke up on Friday morning, turned on the radio and was disappointed to hear the news

Editorial (March 31, 2011)

Time to review scooter safety Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the 15-year-old who died after in a tragic scooter accident over the weekend.

Belonger-status hurdles recounted

The experience of “Mr T.” —  who, according to the complaints commissioner, tried unsuccessfully for 30 years to obtain residency here