Henry Prince, a chef at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, shows parents how to make healthy lemonade. Mr. Prince was among several community members who participated at the health fair at Enid Scatliffe Pre-primary School on Thursday. Photo: NGOVOU GYANG

“Happily, we drink our water, to grow up big and strong,” students of Enid Scatliffe Pre-primary School sang in unison on Thursday during a health fair organised by the Social Security Board.

Apart from events like face painting, the students learned about washing their hands, the importance of exercise, and the need to eat balanced meals.

During a short ceremony, the students and their parents listened to speeches from SSB officials and government ministers, who urged parents to help their children make healthy choices.

“Once you learn a healthy habit in one area, you will be surprised that you will easily develop healthy habits in other areas of your life,” Education and Culture Minister Myron Walwyn said. “So if mommy or daddy gives you vegetables to eat, you have to remember that your parents know what is best for you.”

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