Forty-two students took part in a recent recycling competition hosted by Green VI in conjunction with the Department of Waste Management. All told, they collected 18,350 pounds of recyclables over the course of August, organisers said. (Photo: GIS)

During the month of August, 6-year-old Ky’Resha Hodge worked with her family and friends to collect about 79,000 plastic bottles, 58,000 glass bottles, and 7,000 aluminium cans for recycling.

For her effort, the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School student won the Student Recycling Competition hosted by Green VI in conjunction with the Department of Waste Management.

During the contest, 42 students between the ages of 2 and 19 vied for new laptops and other prizes by trying to gather the most plastic, glass and aluminum recyclables during the month, according to Government Information Services.

Acting DWM Manager Neville Allen said the contest helped spread an important message.

“We have to find ways to reduce the amount of waste we are producing as well as diverting recyclables out of the garbage stream,” he said.“The We Recycle programme along with initiatives like this is a move towards that goal. I hope that the enthusiasm persists outside of the competition, and everyone continues to recycle wherever they are.”

18,350 pounds

Green VI Deputy Director Sarah Penney said competitors collected a total of about 402,000 plastic water bottles; 257,000 glass drink bottles; and 22,750 aluminium beverage cans.

“This means the territory can now add 18,350 pounds of recyclables to the 7,021 tonnes already collected by the We Recycle programme and diverted from burning or burying,” she said.

Other contest winners included Joseph Lake, who took the top prize for Virgin Gorda by collecting about 57,000 plastic bottles and 70,000 glass bottles.

“I’m happy to know that I’ve prevented large volumes of waste from being burned at the dump and polluting the environment by simply bringing these materials on my dad’s pickup truck to the Virgin Gorda Eco-Park,” said Mr. Lake, a 13-year-old student at Bregado Flax Educational Centre. “Filling all those large bags was not an easy task but it was worthwhile, not only for the prize, but to know my future may be a bit brighter.”

A’Miah Joseph took the prize for Jost Van Dyke, Ciara Evans for Anegada.

Other winners included

Emily Davis, Shanae John, Nazir Cooper, Avonnia Bute, Kaiela Lewis, Jovianne Walters, Chemoi Flax and Alexis Gannigan.

As part of the competition, students could also submit videos illustrating ways to reduce and reuse trash.

Additionally, asked to inspire someone to start using conservation methods such as composting, home gardening, conserving water, or recycling.

Video winners included Z’Shawn Smith, Keaura Turn- bull, JMoi Scatliffe, Jyliane Algar, Jesse Cockburn, Kyng Hanley, Zaed Chalwell, Dasia Penn and Kelly Smith. Aerin Westlake received the award for Special Environmentalist.