Complaints are often voiced about how terrible and uncaring a teacher may be, but less common are remarks from students who have encountered a phenomenal educator. It’s even more rare to see black males in the teaching profession.

As prospective educators ourselves, we have been through the classrooms of many teachers, and they were all pretty good. However, there was one professor in particular who touched us in a special way: Dr. Jasmattie Yamraj, a senior lecturer in the Teacher Education Department at H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. She has been a blessing.

Though we are both interested in teaching, we are occasionally indecisive largely because of the wide array of options available to us. Hah! This is where Dr. Yamraj plays a pivotal role aside from just teaching us proper research methods; the thoroughness of science (her love); and the joy to be found in being able to integrate and apply our knowledge wherever we go and in whatever we do. We can truly say that she practises what she preaches, because daily she continues to utilise not just her knowledge but her experiences, both academic and personal.

“Dr. Yam” has been more than a mere knowledge provider. She has served as a confidant. She has earned our respect, hands down. Thank you, Dr. Yamraj!