The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is asking voters to take a survey to provide feedback on the execution of the general election last month.

The 13-question survey is anonymous, and it covers topics including the accessibility and efficiency of polling stations; the effectiveness of ballots and electronic machines; and the overall voting experience, according to the office.

“The purpose of this survey is to gather information about each individual’s unique experience voting in the 2023 general elections,” Elections Supervisor Scherrie Griffin said. “We hope that this information can be used to guide the way in which elections can and should be conducted after highlighting what worked well and what areas may need improvement.”


The election already received high marks from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association observer mission, which nevertheless also highlighted the relatively low voter turnout compared to previous elections.

In a preliminary report released two days after Polling Day, the eight-member observer team said they visited all 18 polling stations across the nine districts and watched the central vote count on election night.

Polling Day, they found, was “orderly, peaceful and well-run.”

“The mission assessed the implementation of opening, voting and closing procedures as good or very good,” the report stated.

The observers identified “a few technical issues with the functioning of the electronic pollbooks and ballot scanners” but stated that these problems “were resolved without delay and did not impede the voting process.”