On March 16, the same day a man was shot and killed in a car in Fish Bay, employees at the National Bank of the Virgin Islands reported “suspicious activity” to the police after asking two men to leave the premises, according to bank and police officials.

In a Monday interview, National Bank CEO Joy Penn said the incident was not an attempted robbery, and Police Information Officer Diane Drayton said that police were classifying it as an “incident” but are investigating further.

After being asked to exit the bank, the two men did so without causing a disturbance, Ms. Drayton said via WhatsApp.

Ms. Penn declined to comment further, and referred this reporter to a March 16 press release posted to the bank’s Facebook page.

“Earlier this afternoon, suspicious activity was observed at the bank’s main branch. Out of an abundance of caution, senior management contacted the relevant authorities to investigate further and has not made any reports otherwise,” the press release states.

“We thank the public for their expressed concern, as the safety of our staff and customers remains our priority.”