The governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands gave the territory his seal of approval Tuesday, enabling local elections for the first time since the United Kingdom imposed direct rule following allegations of widespread corruption.

Following a 2009 commission of inquiry, which led to accusations that the TCI’s former premier, Michael Misick, sold Crown land for personal profit, the UK suspended the territory’s constitution. The constitution is scheduled to be reinstated on Oct. 15, according to a press release from the TCI government.

The UK had set eight “milestones” the territory needed to achieve before holding elections, which are set for Nov. 9. The milestones included a new constitution; a new elections code; “significant progress” in criminal and civil action against Mr. Misick and his former ministers; more transparent public finance management policies; a new Crown land distribution policy; and public service reform.

An eighth milestone requiring the TCI government to achieve a fiscal surplus for the financial year ending next March, has not yet been met.

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