Gently the dawn caresses the morn:

A tender kiss; a new phase is born.

Aroused by sweet passionate embrace,

Day breaks with brilliance and grace.

The sun’s penetration warms the day,

Putting its soothing rays on display.

At eventide dons a golden glow,

Touching the twilight ardent and slow.

The smooth transition from dusk to night

Mysteriously awakes the moon’s light.

Silvery beams enchant and enfold

The darkness with an affectionate hold.

And so the cycle, constant and flawless,

Rolls from the dawn to dusk to dawn with rest:

A love affair intensely sublime

Radiates from the romance of time.

Time, the essence of our being;

Time, the endless infinite stream;

Time, our memory and our dream;

Time, continuous and supreme.